About Us


Coach Larry started his running career as a collegiate athlete competing at both community college and university levels. He ran all events from 400m to 10k in track and field as well as steeple chase and cross country. 

Placing on the podium in numerous conference events, his most memorable college achievement was finishing runner up in the annual Stanislaus Beer Mile.

After finishing his studies, Coach Larry began marathoning and currently holds a PB of 2:40.08 from the Cadbury Marathon in Australia and is in search of a goal time of 2:22 before his career ends. 

While working at a running store in Central California many years ago, Coach Larry developed a love of Coaching. He has since worked with athletes of varying levels, from recreational enthusiasts up to division 2 runners. Coach Larry is a USA Track and Field Level 1 Coach and is working toward his Level 2 certification.


Seriously, Anna-Louise is coach. Although it may seem like Coach Anna-Louise wants nothing to do with running (mainly because it's true), she actually is a Certified USA Track and Field Level 1 Coach.

Coach Anna-Louise never wanted to run, but she did want to drink beer, and eventually found out that beer tastes even better after running. Also that running isn't that bad if you're doing it with a group of friends.

Anna-Louise is around to translate Larry's coach talk for normal people like herself, that just want to get the miles done and have fun doing so.

Anna-Louise has an honours degree in Mechanical and Space Engineering from the University of Queensland- that's why we have the best mile markers in the park!