Due to the 'Stay at Home' order issued for the state of California, we will no longer be holding in person group training. However we will be implementing new virtual interactive workouts.

To access the MCL Virtual Workouts, you will need to become a Recession Fitness member.

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Running a marathon can be a very enriching experience, however attempting to do so without training or being under-trained is difficult and not satisfying in any way. USA Track & Field Certified Coach Larry offers a variety of training programs for beginners to advanced athletes.

Training with Coach Larry is meant not only to gain fitness but to have fun while doing so. It may be hard to imagine having a good time while doing a 20 mile run on your weekend, but through a bit of dedication and proper coaching this will be the result. It is Coach Larry’s goal to have everyone who toes the start line of a marathon finish and want to run another!

Coach Larry is currently training several groups as well as individual runners and interacts with nearly 100 clients every week.

We here at My Coach Larry Run Club train individuals, corporate and group teams.


Who knows?

No one really knows when races will be allowed again. But we'll keep you updated as soon as we hear anything.

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